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Q: Is my child old enough to start lessons?

A: If they are 4 years old we can begin lessons. If after the first lesson it is clear that your child is not ready yet we can save the spot in my studio for 6 months for your child to mature.

Q: I don't play an instrument, is that a problem?

A: Not at all! Many of my students parents have little to no musical experience. I tailor my lessons to fit both the students and the parents needs.

Q: My child already plays violin/viola in school. How would these lessons benefit them?

A: While I fully support our local public/private school programs, there are limitations from teaching in a group setting. The time your child gets in our lessons is direct one on one instruction where I can put all of my focus on their specific needs and tailor my teaching to them.

Q: My child has special needs. Can you still work with them?

A: Of course! I have experience working with students who have a vast array of needs. Some include those with ASD, ADD, ADHD, and Deafness.

Q: Where do you have lessons?

A: I teach out of my home in Elkhart, IN

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